AirTag Holders

Looking for AirTag accessories? Give your new AirTag holder a protective cover that is both sustainable and secure. Explore Pela Case’s lineup of AirTag cases, designed to protect your Apple AirTag device as it helps you easily keep track of your belongings.

Keep Track of Your AirTag with Pela’s AirTag Cases

Why buy an AirTag case? AirTag cases are the perfect solution for keeping your Apple AirTag protected, no matter where you secure it. With a charming guitar-pick-like shape and smoothly rounded edges, Pela’s AirTag holder keeps your AirTag safely inside. Raised edges along the tag’s circumference also help protect it from scratches while an open-face design allows you to proudly display customized personalization, whether it’s your initials or fun emojis. Last, with a small loop at the top, you can hang it inside a backpack, on a keychain or even on your dog’s collar. 

Colorful AirTag Holders for Stylish Sustainability

Elevate your style and find a favorite hue. Choose an AirTag holder offered in a handful of beautiful colors inspired by nature, such as Green, Lavender, Terracotta and Stormy Blue to add an accent. We also offer a Black AirTag holder that hides dirt and matches effortlessly with all kinds of colors and styles. 

At Pela, we believe in a plastic-free world. But that’s only made possible by the responsible use of sustainable materials. This is why we aim to reduce our e-waste by designing compostable electronics accessories. Made of our compostable and high-performing Flaxstic blend of flax shrive and bioplastics, each AirTag Case offers a soft feel while leaving the planet a better place for future generations. 

Explore all of our AirTag cases and find the perfect plastic-free AirTag accessories today!