Samsung Galaxy S10+ (Plus) Case

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Lean into a more sustainable lifestyle with this Samsung Galaxy S10+ case. Pela phone cases are designed with the environment in mind. Each phone case is made from fully compostable materials: Flaxstic® and plant-based biopolymers that can break down in weeks, leaving soil and waterways uncontaminated and our landfills free of one less phone case. 

Pela’s phone cases for Galaxy S10 Plus are also tough and robust, designed to keep your phone safe through your day’s activities and more. Since we want to prevent and minimize the amount of electronic waste that gets tossed in landfills, we aim to keep your phone from busting or cracking as long as possible. You can even apply our sustainable Canopy liquid glass screen protector for an extra layer of protection. One thing’s for certain: The Samsung S10 Plus phone case is designed to last and keep your phone lasting, too.

In the Samsung Galaxy S10+ phone case collection, you will discover several color variations and carved designs to inspire your earth-loving self. Looking for a different phone model? We carry the original Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Samsung Galaxy S10e as well. Be a conscious shopper, reduce waste and do good for the planet today!