Google Pixel 3 Case

End of Results

Do you imagine a world free of plastic in the ocean and chemicals leaching into groundwater?  

Pela does, and that’s why we’ve introduced the first sustainably produced and compostable Google Pixel 3 case. Our unique sustainable design uses plant-based materials that decompose completely in standard composts, with no toxic residues left behind. In a world of oceanic garbage patches and overflowing landfills, our Google Pixel 3 phone cases let you choose a different way. 

Pela’s Google Pixel 3 compostable phone case is more than just green — it’s built for living the good life. With a scratch-resistant design and excellent drop protection, our Pixel 3 case will keep your phone safe through all kinds of adventures, and its pleasant soft grip texture makes it easy to keep hold of. By creating great designs for our Google Pixel 3 phone cases, we also help people keep their devices longer and reduce the electronic waste created by phone disposal.

We believe that sustainable tech accessories give ordinary people the power to live a little more sustainably. Ready to make your Pixel 3 case a small step in a big movement? Explore our selection of Google Pixel 3 phone cases, including our many gorgeous colors and engraved designs based on the beauty of nature and our planet.